My Art Work

My Art Work

Poetry and Words

Original Poetry and words  by Janey A. McKeever, aka. Allynne

Borrowed - 2012

A Breath Taken In - 2013

One - 2012

 Happy Spring! -2013

 Oh, To Hear the Stones! - 2011

Just a Sec - 2011

In the Aspens - 2010

Beliefs - 2011

More original poetry can be found at:
Highlandermck Blog


All paintings are original acrylic pieces by Janey A. McKeever

Old Woman - 2012

Perspective -2012

Muted Differences

Souls of the Sea

A Maizzz

Flea in the Chili Garden

Blue Moon Mood

Wire Sculpture

Partners - 2013

Partners- 2013

Spiral Plane

Spiral Plane -2013

Personal Note:
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