Curiosity is as natural to a child as breathing. Their minds are like sponges ready to absorb anything and everything.
What you nurture, what you allow and encourage, what you spark and develop all becomes part of the their life learning.
Squelch nothing. Children learn while they play. Allow them to play. Play with them. Explore with them.
Encourage and prompt, gently guide, and be ready to learn more yourself.
That is the true heart of being a teacher.


The Importance of Teaching Geography

The Importance of Reading to Your Children

Why to Homeschool with Unschooling method: Ted Talk

Recommended Resources:

Project Gutenberg

High School Courses Developed by MIT

Khan Academy

Math Planet - HS Math

Purpose Games- upper grades games

Sheppard Software- For K-8

The Simple Homeschool

Star Talk Radio with Neil De Grasse Tyson

300 Mind Expanding Documentaries

NOAA Education Resources

100 legal sites download literature

For Help, Advice, and Community try:

55 Serious Reasons Why You Should Homeschool

Humanist Homeschoolers Help

The Thinkers, Secular Homeschooling Community

Secular Student Alliance

The Secular Homeschool

American Humanist Association

Note: the American Humanist Association now has a Curriculum Section which I highly recommend with PDF  Teacher Materials for children and Adult Education.  Here is a link for the Manual for Establishing Humanist Education programs for Children: American Humanist Association - Children's Curriculum Manual

Teaching the Boys to Cook:

Kitchen Helpers

The Most Important Lesson: Heat Control

Ideas for Younger Kitchen Helpers

Homemade Biscuits

Personal Note: I am a Secular Unschooler. In my posts, this fact may be very clear. I promote Science and an attitude of 'question everything'. I do not intend to offend; however, I make no apologies for my approach. If you are opposed to teaching science for it's truth and absolute properties; or if you oppose teaching evolution as an accepted fact; then please, respect others' opinions, and realize I do not make any attempt to hide or challenge your beliefs. I simply state my own. Feel free to pursue your interests elsewhere if this offends.

Books I highly recommend for older students (Jr. High to High School age):

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