DIY Cleaning

DIY Cleaning

DIY means simply, Do It Yourself. An acronym.  In certain circles, it's so well known we don't think about it anymore. But I cannot forget many out there are not familiar with it. So, Do it yourself = DIY

For me, DIY Cleaning - means not filling my home with unnecessary toxins, noxious fumes and hazardous chemicals. After years spent cleaning with industrial cleaners because of places I worked, the smells of some make me sick. After a little research, I discovered items I already have at home can do the same job- if not better- without causing headaches, rashes, dried skin and sinus troubles. Safer for me, safer for my family and pets and just as clean.
I am still learning these, but I am proud of each successful change- Not because everything turns out perfect (it doesn't always) but because I TRIED.  I can not learn- unless I try; and I love always learning.  When it works I share... I'll even share a few mistakes as well because others might possibly learn from my mistakes. I'll admit to a few.

Most DIY Cleaning items are extremely frugal- which is very appealing to me. Truthfully, the majority of green cleaning items are composed of common household items - nothing new or glamorous. Mostly, they are common ingredients that were once very familiar to our grandparents, and generations before them- basic common ingredients that just...well?  got forgotten in the age of convenience.
They are very effective. Very efficient. Very frugal. And well worth the time taken to mix and use!

DIY (Fake Comet) Cleaner

Monday "Find the House" Routine

All Purpose DIY Cleaner

DIY Laundry Soap and Washing Soda

DIY (Fake Shout) Laundry Stain Remover

Static! Go Away! 

DIY Homemade Dish Soap

Cleaning Kitchen Range Hood

Homemade Wipes

DIY Glass Cleaners

DIY Greasy Hand Cleanser

Good Natural Smells for Home -Quick and Easy Potpourri


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