Monday, November 10, 2014

DIY Homemade Ensure

        Recently, I asked what might be needed to be researched. “Homemade DIY ______??????”

The answer I got back was: Homemade DIY Ensure. 

      Without question, I understood. (Instantly I had a childhood flashback of my Grandfather, who had cancer, and the bottles of Ensure stacked up in his kitchen.) 
     For many, it is necessary.  Ensure is the most recommended meal substitute on the market; but, sadly, also remains one of the most expensive. 
     The reasons for needing it are wide and varied. As I began to research the best recipes, I understood quickly the variations involved in needs for people. Some need complete meal replacement, others need added calories for weight gain, and some are trying to lose weight. I have decided to share several recipes; and ask that you -as the reader- to decide which might be best for your circumstance. 
      My focus remained on how to make it at home, with the minimal cost and most nutritional value.  Here are the top 5 recipes I found. The  #4. Protein Shake is my personal favorite. I will be making more of this one for us in the future! 

1. Homemade DIY Ensure

In empty gallon container pour in:
3 cans sweetened condensed milk*,
2 cups Ovaltine,
1 tbsp coconut oil or olive oil.
Shake/mix vigorously until completely incorporated.
To this, add whole milk until gallon container is filled.
Shake/mix vigorously again.
Serve 8 oz. Glass, three times a day and be sure to take 1 quality multivitamin a day. lasts 3 days in refrigerator.

*You can also DIY Homemade Sweetened condensed milk. See Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk


    2. Homemade DIY Ensure

    3 cups whole milk
    1 package Vanilla instant pudding powder (4 serving size)
    ½ c instant dried powdered non-fat milk
    2 packages or 2/3 c Nestle Carnation Instant Breakfast (any flavor)
Blend on low speed in blender for a minute. Serve 8oz glass. 
Cover remainder and refrigerate for up to 3 days. 

    3. DIY Homemade Ensure

    ½ c Yogurt
    ½ c Milk
    1 c frozen or fresh fruit
    1 tbsp Bee Pollen
    1 tsp flax seed
    1 tbsp whey protein
    Blend. May add carob chips


    4. DIY Homemade Protein Shake.

8oz. Whole milk (or 4 oz yogurt+4 oz milk) 8-10g protein
½ c cottage cheese (or 2 raw eggs; or 2 tbsp peanut butter) 8-14g protein
1 c chopped/diced fruit (apple, banana, berries, etc.- you can also use 1 c pumpkin puree) 2g protein
3 tbsp oatmeal (or 1 tbsp bran powder) 15 g protein
1 tbsp coconut oil or olive oil

In blender pulse oatmeal first until powdery, then add remaining ingredients. Blend on low for 1 minute. Drink this one right away when nutritional content is best. This can provide 30-50g of protein.
I suggest 1 quality multivitamin a day in addition to this.
 (It is recommended that the average active adult gets between 50- 175g of protein /day. Ratios are dependent upon body weight and activity levels)

*Additional note: When I made this for my sons- they asked for additional honey- 1 tbsp. Final taste test: A+ Kid approved.

    5. DIY Homemade Ensure w/ Protein powder 

    (I avoided this one until last because I was trying to find options that do not include expensive protein and vitamin powders- I suggest if you do buy them save money and buy in bulk.)
    ¼ can sweetened condensed milk
    1 tsp vanilla
    ½ c strawberries
    ½ c milk
    3 Tbsp protein powder
    3 tbsp wheat germ
    ½ tsp. Omega 3 oil
    Vitamin powder (optional)
    Mix well in blender & drink.

These are the basic recipes I have found. You can substitute a variety of things to improve or change flavors- do not be afraid to try different fruits. Use ice cream or yogurt to thicken. If you are allergic to milk- I suggest coconut milk, or rice milk. (I would have said soy a few years ago- but the fear of GMO's bugs me here.) If regular sugar bothers you, I have included a link to making homemade sweetened condensed milk with several different sugar options.

All in all, I hope this helps; and gives those of you who might need this supplemental drink a few more options that are easier on the budget!

Disclaimer: This in no way is intended to endorse, slander, or harm the name Ensure. I intend only to provide alternate suggestions for people who may need it. ***This does not replace the advice of your doctor. Do your research, ask a dietitian or nutritionist, and make your choices carefully.

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