Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dried Kale Flakes!

Idea: replace Parsley flakes with Kale Flakes!
Add dried Kale to your seasonings rack for extra nutrients! It's easy! DIY homemade seasonings that are super good for you and your family!! Yay!!!
Kale is a super, SUPER Food!
Fabulous for having Vitamins C, A, and K, plus calcium, potassium, and lutein.  Kale also has: cancer fighting properties, lowers cholesterol, is anti-inflamatory,  high in anti-oxidants, carotinoids, folic acid, and is low in carbs.

However, it isn't always easy to get the whole family to eat Kale.
But you can sneak it in as a seasoning! Add Dried Kale Flakes to soups, salads, meatloaf, stews, casseroles, pizzas, omelets, scrambled eggs, or dust your foods with it like a garnish just as you would parsley flakes! Versatile! Pour it on! Sprinkle it on! Stir it in!

To dehydrate:
Clean kale leaves and either lay them out to dry from the washing or pat them dry (the less water on them to start the faster they'll dry in dehydrator. Cut of the thick stems- they do not flake very well. You basically want the leafy green. Place these in dehydrator in single layer, and dry at 135 F for about 4-6 hours, depending on the humidity in your area.  When dried to crisp, let completely cool, and then place into food processor, pulsing until you reach the desired size of flakes wanted for seasoning. process longer to get a powder- the size and consistency is completely up to you.  I put mine into a mason jar, but you can reuse a seasonings jar as well, & store in cool dry place.

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