Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lavender For the buggy bites!

I spent a lot of time outdoors this summer.  Outdoors is wonderful, fresh and healthy! But occasionally buggy. I realize the bug season may be diminishing with the winter coming on; but I thought it still worthy to note. I will never again race for the anti itch topical creams or the over the counter bug bite relief. I will grab my essential oils. Specifically - Lavender.

Lavender is fantastic for anti-inflamatory, analgesic (pain relieving), anti bacterial and skin and wound healing properties!

For me, Within seconds of applying 1 single drop on top of a bite- the itch of a mosquito bite was gone. Within a day, evidence of it drying up was there; and it was gone in 2days. Lavender oil saved me from  the itch and scratch and sped up the healing process!  I was sold!

Then I tried it on a particularly nasty mosquito bite my son had on his leg, when it healed the same way- I was sold. For the rest of the summer that's all I grabbed! Worked exactly the same for the spider bite my older son got and then again for ant bites we experienced at one BBQ!

An extra bonus is the scent of lavender is known to be a de-stressor, soothing and calming- great for keeping the edge off the day! 

Also worthy to note: Flies and ants do not like lavender- absolutely fabulous to plant in your garden around the picnic areas!  When we BBQ'd I'd mix a drop of Laveneder Essential oil with a tsp of coconut oil and rub it on my feet and legs before going out and wasn't bothered by flies or ants like some other people.

For more information on Essential Oils, their properties and uses: I recommend Lea Harris- who has a wonderful site full of extra information and recipes at Nourishing Treasures . One in particular, that I recommend is her : Itch Be Gone .

Lavender Essential Oil!   May my medicine cabinet never be without it! Haha! :)

You can find Lavender Essential Oil at many health food stores.
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