Sunday, November 3, 2013

Returning to Home -

It was breezy and the small wind seemed to increase a bit, but nothing prepared us for the gust that came! Suddenly it gusted 3- - no 40 - no 50 mph! picking up dirt, debris, bits of tree branches flew by. The gust didn't end - it increased! dirt and sand in the eyes- we couldn't see the road any longer- so thick was the wall of dirt going by-  the umbrella for the table picked up and flew 10 feet into the pool, trying to grab it and save it and nearly fell in -then continued blast- trash and tree limbs flying across the parking lot... a dust devil the size of a small tornado picked up large tumble weeds and threw them into a whirl 200 feet up in the air... it kept going....until it was gone.
... just as suddenly as it started....
I saw this happen last month.

 An actual occurrence, that turns out to be a perfect analogy for our lives this last three months.

A whirlwind, a tornado of events, turmoil, upheaval, and then sudden calm.  Discovering how to survive a storm and still smile with little left.
I am not comfortable giving out whole details, but in short- we were buying a house, the seller backed out 5 days before escrow, everything fell through, and three months later- after multitude of events such as losing cars and jobs- we are finally back in a rental house.
It is now a week after our move and I am still going through boxes, and discovering where things might go and basically...settling down.

I never intended to be away so long.

I learned a great many things during that time and I want to share it all with you, I just have to figure out how to word it all. I missed writing!
The three months covered the bulk of summer here. The hottest months- we did a great deal of swimming and walking.
Many hours got spent outside- and we enjoyed the BBQ many nights, rather than going out to eat fast food. I found out just how bad I could feel after nasty fast food. (McD's made me feel like I had poisoned myself into a sluggish grease pit, I wasn't alone! Everyone including the kids agreed!)
Oh, how I missed real food! I craved home cooking daily. We all craved it after just a week of not having it! The BBQ helped, but really  nothing compares to homemade lasagna fresh from the oven (our voted most missed food 2nd was baked chicken).

 I missed my All natural cleansers and safe cleansers. I used baking soda whenever I could but could not escape the motel cleansers etc.

In the heated outdoors, I discovered Lavender Essential Oil is fantastic for mosquito bites, and spider bites, and virtually eliminates all itching! It also deters ants and flies.

I discovered my small jar of coconut oil could become far more than cooking oil, it turned into my daily moisturizer, my hand lotion, and a soothing answer for sunburn!

I discovered my bottle of castile lavender soap could wash dishes, be a hand and body soap, and shampoo!

I discovered that even in trying times and adversity I still could not compromise my beliefs that natural is better than the convenience products sold on the shelves. All in all the experience was like a test for all of us- did our steps to go real food and more natural before really take hold? I'd have to say a resounding YES!!!!!

So happy to be back! So happy to be able to write it all again!

As I unbox and unravel from the past summer- I hope to start sharing everything again. Thanks to everyone for following and thank you for your patience!

a truly Consistently Sporadic Writer

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