Monday, May 20, 2013

Kitchen helpers

As a Mom, there is nothing better than to hear someone say, "Can I help?"
I welcome it, and have found it occurs often in the kitchen. It's natural, I believe, for kids to be curious.
To have the opportunity to teach basic steps of cooking is a wonderful and very natural thing to occur. Everyone needs to eat- we as humans have to consume to survive. And I, as a homeschooling mother of 2 boys, will never deny an opportunity to teach and nurture a natural desire to want to learn more.

All too often the curiosity of children in the kitchen is squelched due to time constraints, or parental fears of messes that so often can occur when kids attempt new things.
If I can do anything in this, I'd like to encourage parents to allow the mess, encourage the attempts, and realize an extra 5 minutes of sweeping or swiping is worth the invaluable lessons your child could be learning in the kitchen. The lessons truly go so much further than just edibles to be consumed. The kitchen contains thousands of textural, scientific, dexterity, self control, and progressive steps lessons within it- it can be an invaluable tool to the learning progress of any child.

If I can do anything in this blog, I'd hope to encourage you to cook with your children! I encourage it!
The smiles, laughter, joy and pride in their accomplishment are all the best reasons on earth to say yes when they ask to help. Encourage, not discourage. Create memories. And enjoy.

My oldest sons Chicken Parmesan! Completely done on his own!

Sopas: a perfect intro to masa dough, that kids love to play with and shape-  and build up later with yummy ingredients that they helped to chop and make!

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