Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Minced or Diced Garlic- ready to go! a Kitchen hack

Minced or Diced Garlic- ready to go! a Kitchen hack

Keeping around fresh garlic is a must in my house- I am never without those wonderful cloves!

Sometimes however it is really nice to have garlic already diced and minced ahead of time- saves time on weary or hurried days!
Rather than buy from the store a premade jar of minced garlic, usually preserved with something I do not want or coated with a bad oil like canola- I decided to do it myself. A healthy convenience kitchen hack. A shortcut!

It is frugal if you consider several bunches of garlic are usually less than a dollar at the market. Even less during Farmer's market!
Amazing way to prep- if you grow your own! 

It is as simple as cleaning and dicing or mincing garlic cloves and filling a clean jar- like a small canning jelly jar-  with the dices and filling it with Olive oil-  enough to cover the garlic! Easy! Store in the fridge for a week a or the freezer for months!Use at your convenience. Refill when you need to! Ready to use, and the best part is you know exactly what is inside! Real Food, made by you. Convenient & DIY.

**** Note: It is important to remember when storing this oil garlic mixture to keep it cold, never leave it set out at room temperature for any length of time or you risk botulism. Always keep cold. I have made this many many times and never come across a single problem, but I always keep it stored cold in the refrigerator only taking out a spoonful as needed. A reader has suggested freezing is best, and I am led to agree! Keep it cold!

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Anonymous said...

I had been wanting to do this too, but when I read up about it, I found that you can only keep it for a few days without risking botulism because it is packed in oil. You could keep chopped garlic on its own (no oil) in the fridge for about a week if you use lots and will use it up in that time, or you can chop and freeze it in small amounts with some water in ice cube trays and store in a baggie, using one cube at a time as you need them - that's my favourite shortcut. I'm a big fan of anything that helps get dinner on the table a bit faster.

Janey McK said...

Thank you! I appreciate the comments- you are so right! I have added a note as to storage and I much appreciate the input!- Janey