Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DIY All Purpose Cleaner

DIY All-Purpose Cleaner

I got left with a mess when my boys decided to cook, so I am using my homemade all purpose cleaner to wipe it away! This stuff is fantastic and smells too good! I am such a fan of lemon essential oil, not only does it smell bright and full of energy, I understand it's anti bacterial too! It is now a vital part of my cleaning!

I was left with this:

I used my DIY all-purpose cleaner, and now I am cooking on this! Nice! (Starting a small batch of applesauce and using the peelings to make pectin for jelly later, ;) Yay! )

All Purpose DIY Lemon Cleaner 

1 tsp washing soda
2 tsp Borax
1/2 tsp liquid soap (Castile soap or dish soap)
2 c hot water
10-20 drops lemon essential oil
pour into recycled spray bottle, cap and shake until dissolved. spray on surface and wipe away!* Works wonders on stoves, and counter tops!

No extra chemicals, no noxious fumes, works fantastic and leaves my kitchen or whatever I clean smelling lemon fresh! I do not recommend it on painted surfaces as washing soda can remove paint- however, works like a charm on my kitchen counters, stove, oven, sink,  dishwasher and refrigerator surfaces, and in the bathroom sinks, tub and toilet! Great stuff and so easy to make! One batch cleans the house plus some!

*Use a marker and be sure to CLEARLY label your bottle.  Do not swallow or leave within reach of little ones.Although this is safer than most commercial brands with no fumes involved, borax and washing soda are not edible items and still pose a danger to young ones.
** Use at your own risk. Recipe for DIY cleaner can be found on various internet DIY sites as a greener alternate to industrial strength cleaners. I do not claim sole ownership of recipe, or any rights there of. I am Simply sharing a useful recipe that can help others turn to greener clean.

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