Monday, April 8, 2013

Cleaning tip: Kitchen Range Hood.

Ever had trouble deep cleaning the kitchen range hood? The old grease just laughs and stays no matter what you use? I found a secret… Oil. …Yup- oil!  Oil cleans up oil. Sounds crazy- but try it, dampen a cloth or the corner of your scrub sponge with a small amount of cooking oil, and coat a small test spot with oil… then walk away. Take a minute- let soak in and do it’s thing.  Just a few minutes, then test the spot, rub in small circles… you do have to rub- but you WILL see it move! The Oil dissolves/combines with the old caked-on greasy mess and then all of it (old and new) wipes away …. 

Amazing. Try the whole top of the hood. Soak it first, rub. Rinse the sponge in hot water in between. Re-dampen with fresh dot of oil.   After you’ve got off the old layer with the oil, Try the DIY  All-Purpose Cleaner to finish the hood off. Polish it to a shine without sticky greasy feel! No oil residue now. Clean hood, and smells lemon fresh!

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