Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Brilliant!!!! DIY Natural Homemade Wipes

DIY Natural- Homemade Wipes

I do not jump...
Simply put.
"Jump!" is not in my vocabulary. Seriously...whew-  It takes a whole lot to make me jump! And I rarely find anything on the internet while doing my research that makes me jump.

Leave it to my cyber green mentors at DIY Natural .com - Matt and Betsy Jabs- to get me off my bum and actually JUMP!
And I did... I was so excited!  (I'm becoming such a crunchy geek-haha!)
!jump! Yay!
 I jumped up, left the computer on the blog page, and grabbed what I needed and made it -without thinking twice!

Homemade Wipes! Disinfecting wipes to clean everything! To replace disposable cleaning wipes- to replace costly, constantly needed disposable cleaning wipes with green reusable, disinfecting all natural wipes!!!!

Why didn't I think of that!? Oh, I wish I had thought of that! Oh, wow!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!Yay!!!!

 DIY Natural just posted an answer- completely green, reusable, and awesome!!!!!!

Get excited, jump up, and go over to their site and read how to make your own!

It works! And the whole kitchen smells clean! ( I'm going to make another for the bathroom! Perfect for wiping down the tile, the sink! the shelves! Yay!!) I just tossed the rags in the laundry when I was done! So easy!
If  I am writing a review; I'd have to honestly say- this should be every person's first step in green cleaning!

So easy! A+ idea! A+ blog post!  Go!

Go now! and celebrate!

Thank You so much, Betsy Jabs!!!!! You rock!

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