Thursday, June 20, 2013

100% Natural Detangler

Natural Detangler -

Surprises can come from the simplist of things. And I love the fact I learned this one! YAY!!!!

The longer my hair gets the more I have to mind the tangles. I have naturally curly hair that can frizz and tangle in a heartbeat (or a foggy day- whichever comes first! Haha!)  I am sooo tired of the myriad of products all designed to detangle, with nothing more than fake, toxic chemicals that strip and dry out; or do the opposite- coat and grease, and weigh down the hair. Either way- when I discovered this simple secret- I have never been happier.

Aloe. 100% pure, all natural aloe.
I use Aloe Vera gel! All natural 100% Aloe Vera Gel  (about a quarter sized portion in my hand)  run through the ends of my hair softens, detangles, and moisturizes my hair- without residue, without chemicals. Applied to my wet hair (or to dry), it works wonders and has no scent, it soaks in, is weightless and non greasy, and combs through and dries clear- disappearing.

I now use it after every shower. I combine the quarter sized dollop with 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil and my hair smells amazing, and I have no fear of the comb! Plus! It reduces the amount of frizz my curls have- for my hair it's amazing!

This is exceptionally natural way to detangle a child's hair with less tears and no extra toxins or build up. Less tears-that is a huge WIN WIN! & makes mom happy!  It's fantatsic for the scalp and skin, and cannot harm children in any way!

Oh how I love Aloe Vera and it's many uses! Always work from the bottom up. If the tangle mass is huge- douse the mass with aloe and slowly separate- within minutes it starts to come apart and combs right through!

After a long conversation with my friends Virginia, and Vicki;  I was happy to have it confirmed that Aloe Vera works in more hair types than just thick curly brown! Which is fantastic news! Virginia and Vicki both have confirmed that Aloe Vera is excellent in ethnic hair! Vicki said she uses aloe all the time on her and her daughter's hair, when she gets her out of bath she puts it on,  and said she likes it because it does not add extra weight and is non greasy!!!! Followed by coconut oil for extra moisturizing, especially when using the hot irons-  they are 100% natural and happy with their hair!  Yay!!

Healthy Hair! Happy Hair!

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