Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day! And Father's Day Dinner Steak Tips

Happy Father's Day!

To all those special Fathers out there!
Hope the day turns out wonderful for you!! 

 My hubby with the boys several years ago. :) So sad how fast they grow!

Making Special Father's Day Steak dinner?

A few quick tips to make it turn out just right!

Steak Tips for cooking on fry pan or grill:

A key factor: What ever steak you want to cook let it set at room temp about 15 -20 minutes before you cook it. Cooking cold steak takes longer and causes a tougher steak in finish. Let it get to room temp!

For average size steak say an 1" thick, cook an average of 5-7 minutes each side- using salt and pepper only. You can add or brush a dab of real butter on each side to help it not stick to the pan or grill and add flavor, but you really do not need more.

Do not poke the steak with a fork to flip -that releases the juices that you want  to stay!- use your spatula or tongs.

To tell if the steak is done: Poke it with your thumb- If it feels like soppy jelly, it's still in need of cooking time and not done. If it's rock hard- it's overcooked.

Before you cut or serve- Let it rest!!!   This allows the juices to settle into the meat. Let it rest  for half the time you cooked it, before cutting it to serve-so if you cooked it a total of 14 minutes, let it rest for 7.

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