Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lime Water

Lime Water! 

The Lime tree in my front yard is about ready to start picking! I found a few ripe enough to try out this morning and I am enjoying Lime Water! 

Did you know... 1 lime has approx. 32% of your daily value of Vitamin C? 

Lime also naturally has calcium and potassium! 
Lime water is beneficial for your gut health, improves liver function, and helps reduce phlegm in the body.
Like Lemon water, warm lime water can help you wake up faster and improves digestive functions! 

Beyond that it's just delicious! Certain types of limes - like a Persian lime are not as tart as say a Key lime; making them easier to use when making infused water for the kids! 

Also, as a side note: Limes are absolutely fantastic squeezed over chicken tacos!  Yay!!!!!!

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