Friday, April 5, 2013

Homemade yogurt Yummmmm!

I was a bit apprehensive- then I asked myself, why are you doing this? Isn't spending a couple of dollars at the store for the pre-made yogurt more convenient? The answer is yes, Simply, YES!...except, lately I haven't been happy with the store bought. Too much sugar. Too runny, and tooo little effect on my gut.  More and more, I am becoming aware of labels, and quality, and basic ingredients and WHY having the live bacteria in a yogurt culture viable is so important for gut health.
I'm not old, but I'm not in the best shape- I notice if things are not working! The more I learn about eating real food, and eliminating the preservatives, and the fake of fast convenience foods- the more I know this is better for me- better for my family, and fun! So I had my answer, and motivation to stop being lazy and give something new a try! Amazing! results! I am so happy with my first batch! I just know...This is going to be a hit!
I got a Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker, and a Cultures for Health Traditional FlavorYogurt Starter to use. My initial cost is going to pay off in just 1 or 2 batches!
This first batch I used 2% milk, and I am impressed! I am going to bump it up next batch to whole milk. (I wish I had a goat- I have read goats milk is fantastic!) Any way from this one batch I can make up to 7 more! And I still have 7 more culture packets beyond that- we are looking at 49 batches before I need to re-buy cultures...

 I tilted one of the 7 jars to show you how thick it was- tilted, and  still didn't pour after I grabbed camera! 2 jars are a tiny bit thinner- so I poured them in a coffee filter to strain and the result comes out super thick! I am impressed! by the time I finish using just this first 7 batches I will almost have my money back in savings, no artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives- and viable probiotic cultures growing for everyone's gut health.... Took me a half hour yesterday morning to sterilize the jars and heat the milk, after that the yogurt maker does the rest- set it aside and wait 8-10 hours, cap the jars and put them in the fridge! Soooooo simple!
Add honey, add fruit. Add granola, oats, nuts, seeds- whatever! Be happy! Yay!!!!
I am having success. Hope this helps! :) Come summer I think this will be great for frozen yogurt bars! And the more I learn! The better it will be! There is a whole host of things plain yogurt is good for! Yayyyyy!!!  LOL :)

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