Friday, April 5, 2013

One of our favorite real food meals ever!

Have you ever tried the Real Food Challenge? **
 In a step to eat healthier I took the real food challenge which has the best rules I have ever tried for changing the way I eat. Basically - in my words- For one week-you cook and eat using: No fast food. No convenience food. No boxes. Just cook. It really was not as hard as I thought. It was this challenge taken that inspired me to get the yogurt maker and start making my own homemade. Also the same challenge that inspired a canning set, and making apple butter!
The toughest step for me was, and has been, cereals in the morning for the kids, and sliced cheese for the sandwiches I send in lunches. But we are doing great!

Everyone voted here and the meal my family felt was their favorite during this week was:
Chicken breast sauteed in coconut oil with Garlic and pepper, served with a mix of vegies, and Au gratin Potatoes

 My Recipe for Au gratin Potatoes
6-8 potatoes, peeled and sliced thinly,
 layered into buttered (or cooking oil sprayed) baking pan 13x9x2.
heat oven to 400 F
in med sauce pan combine:
 1/2 c water
 1/2 cube real butter
1/2 cup homemade plain yogurt
1 brick cream cheese *8 oz
2 c milk
1-2 tbs parsley & chopped chives
 garlic salt
heat in sauce pan stirring constantly, over med heat until cream cheese completely melts,(does not have to boil)  immediately pour over potato slices . leave uncovered and bake on center rack 45 min.
Let cool 3-5 min before serving. 

Now, in this meal I wasn't perfect according to the rules of Real Food Challenge- I did use a frozen vegie mix and I easily could have replaced this with fresh broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, or whatever! But the challenge is realistic, and allows for goofs -which is what I love for this! The fact of the matter is you are allowed to use up what is still in the fridge- the main idea being you are making better choices, and eliminating the fake foods, preservatives and unnecessary junk food. Which we have done. And my family voted on this one meal as the best. So I am posting it- mistakes and all. In my defense I can say I used fresh frozen, not canned, and not frozen with tons of "butter sauce" or something else that is so frequently offered now a days. LOL
Anyway, I want to thank the people who designed this challenge and say it has changed the way I look at food! Awesome!!!!!

The Real Food Challenge is not mine, it belongs to Roxanne at: .
I simply participated in the challenge and am blogging my opinion and results there of. I take no responsibility for it, except in saying that it is the best challenge I have ever participated in in all my 44 years! And so grateful to the Holistic Mama for sharing it!!   (*** I have posted with her permission. And Have been notified by Roxanne that there will be another Real Food Challenge available to anyone who's interested in April! Go check it out!)

7 Day Real Food Challenge

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