Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Talkin' about Real Food- the steps I take.

Just a talk about real food.

I'm a gal in my forties, just going through the motions. I have a wonderful family! We are not rich in money- but our family is strong, and together in this challenge we call life. We work together, and it works for us.
We all learn as we go. I think that's true for everyone.

A while back, I wasn't feeling well. Every day was a struggle in energy, aches, pains, stress... after a few doctor visits, I wondered what could help.  I really did not want to start playing the pill popping game. I just didn't feel old enough for that yet. I hate seeing it happen. So my question was simple: what can I do to avoid it? What can I do to feel better?
Before I really found a strong desire to change- actually - it felt like before I even had the chance- I had the doctor give me a medicine that I was allergic to- and I suddenly went from being diagnosed with high blood pressure- to nearly having a stroke. It took over a month to recover!
I found my motivation. Unfortunately it took a scare to cause it. And I want more people to realize that they can start sooner- before a scare- Prevent a scare! ---please!

There have been trends of diets and fads for decades. New! try this! Do that! Guaranteed to work! All trends that come and go. Marketing today takes an idea to extremes and shoves phrases down our throats to the point of confusion and disheartening results. You can barely avoid it, on every ad, on every page, every internet site, at the end of the market isle, whole sections devoted to the newest latest trend.
But... you do not have to follow a trend. Or jump on a bandwagon.

Sometimes, all you need is to know what's good and what's bad- and make better choices. Not feel like you are joining a cult trend.

Just trying to eat healthier. Small steps.
That's what you should do. Make better choices when you go to the store. Cook better food when you decide to cook. Cook at home more often,  and know what you are eating. Choose to make healthier food.
Simple really.

look up: Real Food, Clean eating, Whole food.
All phrases being used lately for good reasons. Some people, as in all things, take it to extreme. You do not have to unless you want to. Your choice. Even if you only choose to grab a healthy choice once a trip- you've taken a step in the right direction.
Baby steps- as it's been nicknamed.
Every step in a healthier direction is a step in progress to less doctor visits, less days of feeling bad, more energy, more smiles, and more ability to enjoy life. 
That's how I am looking at it.

I'm just learning.
But I'm learning how easy it can be to take baby steps. And already, I'm visiting the doctor less.

Don't be afraid to look it up. Literally just type your question into the internet browser and the information comes up. It can be so simple. Don't take one site's word for it- look at several! When key factors start repeating no matter where you look -you will start to get a sense of validity, and see a pattern. You just have to start- research isn't hard, it's a matter of asking questions and sitting down for a second. Not long.  Look up EWG. org and take a look at the chemicals in food. Google ingredients in a box of food you have on the shelf. take a look at MSG, and other ingredients. Start reading labels..read the dirty dozen/clean fifteen.

All it takes is a desire to change. An attitude of being fed up with feeling like crap everyday. A desire to be happier.

In my personal baby steps toward Real Food, I have:

1. Done my homework. Did the research I just told you about. Asked questions and WANTED change. I never stop reading, I look at everything I can.

2. Stopped buying boxes.  Boxed, premade, and convenience foods

3. Stopped the sodas. We drink Water, flavored water with citrus or herbs, teas, lemonade, kefir, almond milk -all very good!
4. I buy fresh, (or fresh frozen vegies now). Fresh fruit! Fresh colorful, vibrant! Whatever comes from a live plant! Fresh herbs even!
5. I buy organic pasture fed meats, fresh fish, nothing factory farmed.
6. I love the eggs!! Luckily we have no allergies! So- eggs! 
7. I fell in love with butter. Real butter. Cheese! Yogurts! Sour cream! All fine! I make homemade whenever I can!  again- we are lucky to not have that allergy!
8. Stopped the white over-processed flour! I use whole wheat, or almond flour now.  Stop the white.

9. Stopped the partially hydrogenated oils, margarine, canola, and cheap vegetable oils. I use olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, or almond oil.
10. Stopped the easy sweets: corn syrup and refined sugar. I try honey, stevia, real maple syrup, palm sugar, organic cane sugar. 
11. Stopped blindly buying. I read the labels. my rule of thumb is easy: If I cannot recognize the ingredient, my body cannot either.

As I learn and progress there will be more to the list. There's always more to learn. But don't be afraid to try. Each and every step to eating healthier- is a step in progress to being healthier.
You just have to Want to try.

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