Monday, April 8, 2013

Washing your face- for Pimples and alternate to harsh soaps

Washing your face…

For pimples & an alternate to soaps 

If I knew then- what I know now… so many things would have changed. I was a teenager in the 80’s- the big hair, the big makeup, the 80’s music, the style. I still have fond memories of most of it- but one thing I wish I could have changed that would have made life so easy back then, was how I dealt with pimples. Uhhhhh… I washed with so many things- Noxema, Clearasil, Sea breeze, Acne soap! It only got worse.

 I just didn’t understand the simple rule. I get it now- less is more
The harsher the chemicals you use on your face, the more of the natural oils you strip away that your skin needs to maintain health. When over stripped, your skin reacts by over compensating- and excessive oil is the result. Thus, far more oil is available to clog pores, get dirty, or get infected. The results from this can only be pimples. 

Luckily for my boys- I learned the trick before they needed it.
It’s simple: Warm water, Witch hazel, and Grape seed oil.

1 Simple rule- never use harsh soap on your face.

For Deep clean: OIL WASH! Yes, actually - oil wash! Works with amazing results. Oil cleans oil.
 Spread small amount of grape seed oil over entire face, Wet wash cloth with hottest  water possible and hold  over face for a few minutes; this opens pores and allows oils  to mix with the old excess oils and dirt on the face. Wipe away with warm wash cloth after. This wipes away old oil, and the mixture of excessive oil and dirt. This leaves nothing but hydrated, moisturized clean skin that is not over stripped.  This moisturizes, cleans away dirt, and keeps the skin’s natural oils intact. No stripping away of what you naturally need.

If break out occurs: rinse face with warm water, and pat dry with clean wash cloth. Use a clean cotton pad with a dab of witch hazel all over face. The witch hazel acts as astringent and pad removes dirt. Follow with tiny amount of grape seed oil in the dry patches if you have combination skin.
Occasionally, especially in the heat of summer my boys will have a break out – they are, after all, ages 15 & 17. Mostly the break outs occur in areas where sweat has accumulated around their glasses when outside- or on their forehead where hair hung down. With this method, pimples vanish quickly. The Witch hazel works, Pimples go away fast & easy. Effective for us.
Witch Hazel can be found easily in the medicines or first aid section at almost every pharmacy or grocery store. It is an astringent used for first aid on minor cuts, scrapes, or insect bites. It’s cheap, and natural…A must have for your bathroom shelf. (Also is fabulous for razor burn.)
For ease and convenience for my teens, I recycled/reused an old acne pads container, washed it out, placed in clean 100% cotton pads, and filled with witch hazel enough to dampen the pads. Now they can use whenever they need, and I know it’s natural. 

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