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Homemade Yogurt Using a Yogurt Maker

 Homemade Yogurt Using a Yogurt Maker

I start with gathering the materials,
sauce pan, Whole organic milk (not ultra pasteurized), cooking  thermometer, spoon to stir, my jars and yogurt maker, and measuring cup (this just gives me a handy pour) :) and 1 packet of yogurt starter cultures.
Measure out enough milk for filling the 7 jars into a med saucepan.

Heat on med on stove, until milk reaches 180 f degrees
(yes, a thermometer is handy for this, but basically- just before boiling- you do not want the milk to boil.)
turn off heat and let it cool....
When milk cools to 110 f  (or to the point where you can touch it, and it's warmish- over room temp- but not scary to touch) add either 1 packet of dried yogurt starter cultures,  or 1 entire jar plain yogurt  (1 jar of previously made homemade yogurt from the last batch! Yay!)
Stir until completely incorporated.
Pour into clean sanitized jars and place them in yogurt maker.
Place in an area where they will not be bumped or moved around, and turn on. Leave for 8-10 hours, checking toward the end. each hour until the yogurt has set. The longer you leave it the stronger the flavor!.
When it's set, lid the jars and set them in the fridge for at least 2 hours before eating!
Absolutely delicious!  You can flavor and top the new homemade yogurt any way you'd like! Substitute it for sour cream in recipes, add it to your favorite recipes for extra flavor and beneficial probiotics!
 Every one will benefit! And enjoy!
The benefits of making your own yogurt are simple. Yogurt, being homemade is controlled by you- meaning it has nothing unwanted in it. Store bought yogurts often contain preservatives, unnatural flavors sweeteners and additives. You control what goes in. Also being fresh, it has more of the good stuff. Store bought yogurts often sit on the shelf so long the beneficial probiotics have started to die off. Home made yogurt has all the  fresh, live probiotics ready to help your body; it is awesome for gut health! Probiotics in it are wonderful for your digestion! Homemade yogurt is a great way to boost your calcium intake, and it is said to boost your immunity. You simply cannot loose by trying it.

There are ways to make homemade yogurt without the yogurt maker, using your oven, a dehydrator and even a crock pot. I as yet, have not tried these. And I do not feel comfortable writing about it unless I have tried. it! However, it is easy to find numerous blogs and posts by wonderful people who have tried it! Research and start making your own fresh homemade yogurt! You are going to love it!

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