Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Real Food! Questions I had, and the answers I found.

Real Food!   Real Food!    Eat REAL FOOD!

Questions I asked when I first heard about Real Food; and the answers I have learned:

Well, isn't all food real? 

In a simple sense, No!. Not in today's world of fast, prepackaged, convenience food. Many – if not all- of the fast foods you can buy that are ready to heat and eat, or microwavable, or boxed are processed for long term shelf life are NOT wholesome real food. In order to sell conveniently packaged food, factories over-process, and  many of the nutrients and flavor is lost in the process! This causes manufacturers to replace what should have been naturally been there with artificial, chemical, or synthetic alternates for flavor, texture, and appearance.  To then top these all off with preservatives, added sweeteners, and more chemicals: ie. Fake food.

How can you tell if all that has been put in? 

Read the label. Use a Simple rule of thumb is: if you cannot recognize the ingredient, your body cannot either. If you cannot pronounce the ingredient, your body cannot process it. Simple ingredients do not require help to understand. 

Then what's Real Food?

Real Food is bought Fresh. Raw. Whole. Uncooked. Local.
Real Food actually nourishes your body; fuels the body and maintains the body.  
Real food comes from nature: it’s grown or raised from some plant or animal that was alive.  All vegies, all fruits, all nuts & seeds, beans, whole grains, eggs, meat (not factory processed- but whole cuts from pastured animals like pastured chickens or range beef or wild fish.) Organic is best, the more natural you can purchase it the better. Milk and dairy are fine (as long as they have not been factory over processed like Velveeta.) The list goes on and on. No boxes. Less convenience foods. More REAL food.

Why bother? 

This is your decision; a choice. A change in awareness, a motivation to care, and a step in the right direction. For many it comes down to A simple choice of eating more healthy now; or paying for costly health care later -because you chose convenient quick over nutritious. Every real food choice is a small step in the right direction. It can be done in small baby steps, doesn’t have to be all at once. 

I am never able to finish a diet, why should I try this?

It’s a choice… It’s not a diet!  It is not a fad! It's not a program to break, or a resolution to forget. It's just learning to make better choices. In small steps.

Choosing Real Food is truly is not hard, or overly difficult. It is a choice to make when at the store- a healthier option.  It’s simply a way – a lifestyle - to become aware of more healthy options for yourself and your family. 

The more aware you are of fake foods, and the amount of chemicals put into convenience foods, the more you will WANT to make better choices for yourself. 

Make better choices. Choose real. Real Food!

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